Craww, self taught artist and habitual doodler, from Sheffield, UK

Artist and habitual doodler Craww lives and works just outside of Sheffield, on the edge of the Peak District.

His work plays with the beauty to be found in contradictions and ambiguity - life and death, beauty and decay, strength, fragility, the interplay between conflicting and complementing forces of nature. It’s an ongoing exploration of a natural world, where his muses are surrounded by flowing lines and natural forms, and where he works to uncover their ambiguous connections and hidden narratives.

Each piece is a story, or an aspect of an unfolding story that writes itself as he works on it. What has happened? Who are these people? What is their story? He aims to create work that is open to interpretation, asks questions and invites involvement rather than providing answers.

With successful shows in the UK and US, he has found collectors and fans around the world.


Exhibition History:

Electrik Sheep, Newcastle - “Droodlings” solo show - November 2010
CAVE Gallery, LA - “Crooked Comfort” - December 2010
Phone Booth Gallery, LA - “Oh You are Sick”  - group show March 2011
London Miles Gallery, London - “Literal Eyes” - group show, June 2011
London Miles Gallery, London - “Guilty Pleasures and Modern Vices” - group show, June 2011
G1988, Los Angeles - “Crazy for Cult 5” - group show, July 2011
Spoke Gallery, San Francisco - with Charmaine Olivia, Handiedan & Tatiana Suarez, Sept. 2011
CAVE Gallery, LA - “Dig For Fire” - Pixies themed group show, curated by Kevin Titzer, Sept. 2011
George Thornton Art, Nottingham - solo show, November 2011
CAVE Gallery, LA - Joint show with Christopher Cuseo and John Park - March 2012
Fine Grime Gallery Bath - The Ballad of Molly Woad group show - May 2012
Spoke Gallery, San Francisco - The Moleskine Project group show, Dec. 2012
CAVE Gallery, LA - Joint show with JoKa & Young Chun - March 2013
Spoke Gallery, San Francisco - joint show with Tatiana Suarez, Oct. 2013

Last Rites Gallery, NYC - "Tarot under Oath" group show, Jan 2014
Flower Pepper Gallery, Pasadena - "of History and Hope" group show, April 2014

Last Rites Gallery, NYC - "The 13th Hour" group show, Jan 2015
Spoke Gallery, San Francisco - The Moleskine Show group show, April 2015
Antler Gallery, Portland - Joint show with Annie Owens, October 2015

Arch Enemy Gallery, Philadelphia - "The Royals" group show, December 2015
Arch Enemy Gallery, Philadelphia - "The Way we Rust" group show, March 2016
Vanilla Gallery, Tokyo - "Aestheticism" group show, April 2016
Beinart Gallery, Melbourne - "Small Works" group show, September 2016

Arch Enemy Gallery, Philadelphia - "Swallowed by the Jungle" group show, January 2017
Nero Gallery, Rome - "Ebb and Flow" solo show, May 2017
Arch Enemy Gallery, Philadelphia -  "Small Wonders" group show, October 2017
Kirk Gallery, Aalborg, Denmark - "Less is More" group show, December 2017
Arch Enemy Gallery, Philadelphia -  "Incantation" solo show, May 2018
Haven Gallery, New York - “Swords” solo show, December 2018