Craww, self taught artist and habitual doodler, from Sheffield, UK

"Murder" Craww x Kidrobot Black Vinyl Figure

Melancholic beauty and death cloaked in feathers. A headdress with shiny black eyes and sharp beak is mounted over petite downcast features. Massive hands hold the delicate chest. Bright, shining red escapes through the pointed digits – a sign of life in a sea of black.

October finally saw the release of "Murder" - the vinyl figure I've been working on with Kidrobot for the past year or so.

Having been involved at every stage from intitial sketches and designs through to involvement with the packaging and the figure itself, I'm so excited to finally have my hands on the real thing. Kidrobot have dome a killer job on the figure

Limited edition of 200 pieces, each is hand numbered with the my engraved signature on the bottom.

Murder made its deathly appearance on October 24 and retails for $399.99, details here at the Kidrobot site